Tuesday, December 4, 2007

How to Overcome a Break-up

Breaking up with your partner is always hard to do but sometimes it is necessary and you learn from it.

1. Stop reminiscing on how you used to be and what you used to do. The fun memories should be put in a basket. Now is the time to detox your mind and refresh it.

2. Don't call your ex. You probably will get the urge to call when you start feeling lonely. Instead, get busy (read a book, work on a project, excercise, go out with friends). If you need to, get a membership at the gym.

3. Let your emotions out. If you need to cry, cry. Talk to someone you trust. Smile, focus on things you like.

4. Don't date right after you break up. Give yourself some time to reenergize and look within yourself more. Set up expectations for your next relationship and do not date the first person that comes around because you feel lonely.

5. Do not spend time blaming yourself for what went wrong. You might have made some mistakes but hopefully, you learned from them and your ex was not perfect either. If your ex and you broke up, obviously you were not compatible.Think about how you are going to reinvent yourself and learn from your past relationship.

6. Do not think your ex is the last one and you will never find anyone like him or her.

7. Enjoy life and love yourself and accept that being alone is ok. Do not be a serial dater to fulfill your emptiness. Instead, focus on finding someone compatible to you.

Monday, December 3, 2007

How to Improve Your Love Relationship

1. Communication is the key to improve your relationship. Talk to your partner and voice how you feel. If something is not working in your relationship, tell your partner what the problem is to find the solution. Not saying a word will only make your relationship sink.
2. Be tolerant of the things you do not like about your partner. After all, you knew them when you got together. Find some positive things about your mate. Have a conversation with a decent tone of voice, do not scream or yell or get into your mate's face. You cannot change a person, so stop thinking if you do things a certain way, your partner will change and become like you want him or her to be. Do not say things you cannot take back. Express what you need because people cannot always guess what you want.
3. Go on dates with your partner (go to the movies, nice restaurant...). Give each other little gifts like chocolate, flowers... Have weekends you can spend without the kids (ask your family to babysit them). Read you poems you wrote for each other, go on getaways, take a hot bubble bath together...
4. Treat each other like when you first started dating and everything was fresh, new and romantic. Do not think that your partner is "in the bag". Do not stop doing things for your partner like opening the door or surprise them with a gift or taking car of yourself. Letting yourself go by not dressing up like you used to, not doing your hair, or putting on a lot of weight are factors that can reduce the attraction in a couple.
5. Be intimate, make time for romance.
6. Trust your partner. Jealousy will only tear you apart. If you choose to stay with your partner, trust him or her.


Saturday, December 1, 2007

How to reduce stress

Stress is caused by several reasons: getting married, having a baby, losing a job, getting a divorce... But, sometimes it's not evident to see why we are stressed. Stress is feeling overwhelmed or feeling that you have to deal with more you can handle. Stress affects our health, it affects our immune system, so it makes our body harder to fight when we are sick. Stress causes headaches, back pain, insomnia, stomach pain... It also affects our emotions (moodiness, depressed, tense, irritated), therefore our relationships may suffer from it and our job performance can get lower. Apply these tips to reduce stress:

1. Think about what is causing the stress and try to solve it. Write what is bothering you and try to find solutions. Be honest with yourself.
2. Get plenty of rest, reduce smoking, drinking alcohol and stay hydrated by drinking water and eat well.
3. Pamper yourself, get a massage, use aromatherapy, dress nicely, get your hair done. Feeling good about yourself helps your emotions.
4. Excercise (run, walk, bike ride). Do yoga, it helps relax your muscles and your mind.
5. Don't ignore your emotions, cry if you need to, laugh, talk.
6. Do something you like, a hobby, shopping, write, watch your favorite show.
7. Talk to someone, a family member, a friend. Also, consider talking to a counselor.


Friday, November 30, 2007

How to have a stress-free holidays with your (not) so nice in-laws

Holidays mean gathering, family, eating...all that good stuff but sometimes it can become a little harsh especially having to deal with your not so nice in-laws.
These tips will show you how to avoid the stress of the holidays dealing with your in-laws:
1. Pick how many days you are willing to have your in-laws at your house. The less days they spend in your house, the better.
2. Travel during the off-peak times to avoid traffic jams and feeling short on time. That creates tension, bad mood in everyone. Consider spending Christmas together the day after if that helps reduce the tension of off-peak imes travelling.
3. Try to solve any trouble or misunderstandings before meeting up with the in-laws. That will help reduce the tension and set a more tolerant environment.
4. Don't let your in-laws make the rules in your house or how your relationship with your mate should be or how you should discipline your children. If spanking the children is unacceptable, let them know that it's not part of your rules to discipline. Be the one that gives the kids structure and fix their behavior.
5. Try to compromise with your in-laws, let them do certain things how they want it. If they have plans they want to add for the holidays gatherings, be understanding. That shows them you care about their opinion and you respect them.


Thursday, November 29, 2007

How to lead a healthy lifestyle

How to lead a Healthy Lifestyle...


Drinking water is very important for your well-being. Not drinking enough water can cause dehydration which can lead to fatigue, stress, poor digestion... Coffee, tea, alcohol and sodas are not substitutes for water, they dehydrate you more. Drink at least 8 cups of water everyday to avoid dehydration.


With plenty of diets on the market, it is hard to choose which one best fits you. The best way to choose is pick the one that appeals to you most and the one you think you can commit to. Your doctor will probably advise the best diet according to your weight loss goal and your medical conditions.Until then, you can already start by picking healthy foods like: vegetables, fruits, nuts, green salads.Eat in moderation: red meats, butter, sugar, flour, chips...


Excersise is important as part of a healthy diet. You should at least excersise 3 times a week. You can do different types of excersises. Walking is a good way to start. Try walking 10 to 15 minutes a day, clean the house regularly (cleaning the house makes you burn calories), park on the far spot of the parking lot of the place where you are going, bring groceries bags one at a time in the house from the car, take the stairs instead of the elevator... Consult your doctor for excerises appropriate for your body and needs.


As you have heard countless of times, smoking is bad for your body. Alcohol is not better. Try to make yourself quit smoking and drinking by motivating your mind. Ask help from your friends and family to help you stay on task. If you have trouble quitting smoking or drinking, consult your doctor about alternatives to help you kick those habits to the curb and build a healthier lifestyle.


As you know, stress can lead to different conditions like obesity, fatigue, irritation, insomnia, lack of concentration, appetite changes, headaches and back pains.You have got to take control over stress. Try to talk to someone you trust about the causes of your stress. You can try talking to a professional if you would like.Try some things at home like relaxation (meditation, foot spa, watching your favorite tv show, your favorite movie, burn some incense, spray your house with a good-smelling aroma, try lavender smell because it has effects of relaxing).

I hope you enjoyed reading this column today and come back for more tips.

Happy Healthy Lifestyle.